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Détenteur Avantage VIP: 

Présentez votre Clef à votre serveur lors d’un repas au restaurant, pour bénéficier d’un cocktail offert gracieusement lors de chaque visite.


Keyholder VIP Benefit: 

Flash Key for special welcome VIP complimentary cocktail of choice, on every dine-in visit, all year.

L’IMPRESSION FIN / THE FINE PRINT:  Asado welcomes Keyholders from all cities. *** Keyholder enjoys a complimentary drink of choice whenever dining in. This perk is applicable to all dine-in visits. This VIP loyalty perk is rewarded for loyalty with every dine-in experience, all year. Benefit requires purchase. VIP Benefit has no cash value. VIP benefit may not be combined with any other offer. Asado reserves the right to substitute VIP perk with one of equal or greater value. VIP Benefit is subject to change but this notification page is current, always. Enjoy his great instant loyalty perk on every dine-in visit throughout the year – return as often as you wish. Loyalty is Key with Asado in Griffintown district.

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